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Academic Anchor

Attracting a university that offers educational programs and research aligned with the skills and technology needs of Washington, D.C.’s industry sectors is viewed as a crucial element in the development of the campus. The responses to the Request for Expressions of Interest (“Academic RFEI”) for an Academic Anchor issued in the Spring of 2013 confirm that St. Elizabeths East offers an exceptional venue for a university or consortium of academic institutions to develop partnerships and interdisciplinary programs that build upon rapidly expanding sectors such as national security, urban resilience and sustainability, in addition to regulated industries such as energy, telecommunications, transportation, and food and drugs.

Information on interested institutions can be found here:

St. Elizabeths East Request for Expressions of Interest for an Institutional Anchor

Demonstration Center

The District has lead efforts to transform the St. Elizabeths East chapel into a Demonstration Center. The community named the center the “R.I.S.E.” (REL8.INOV8.STIMUL8.ELEV8) Demonstration Center, as the Center seeks to bridge the gap between the innovation field and local community.  The purpose of the Demonstration Center is to build interest in the campus redevelopment by leveraging the local community’s affinity for the chapel and simultaneously building on the excitement and interest from the Gateway DC efforts. The redevelopment of the chapel was completed during the Summer of 2014. The Demonstration Center provides flexible conference space that can also be used as temporary space/demonstration areas.