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Transportation Investments

To build a transportation network that serves the needs of the redeveloped St. Elizabeths East Campus and its community by providing connectivity and access to adjacent neighborhoods, the District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) are planning a slate of transportation and infrastructure improvements, with program objectives that include:

  • Providing connections to the community and neighborhoods
  • Making St. Elizabeths East Campus accessible and open to the community
  • Providing increased transportation connections
  • Making the campus walkable
  • Removing the roadway deficiencies by reconstructing the roadways & connecting the network
  • Providing multimodal transportation options including transit, bikes, and pedestrians
  • Managing the expected growth in travel

Key projects include:

  • $660 million New Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge recently announced in December 31, 2012, which calls for replacing the Frederick Douglass Memorial Bridge and transforming related sections of urban freeway
  • $365 million 11th Street Bridge Project, with a local span recently opened, full project completion is expected  in mid-2013
  • $10.7 million increase in local support to Washington Metropolitan  Area Transit Authority (WMATA) in FY2013
  • Introduction of the Potomac Avenue-Skyland Circulator bus route.
  • Imminent roadway and infrastructure improvements and connections on the St Elizabeths campus