The gates are opening.

One of the District of Columbia’s last underdeveloped sites, St. Elizabeths East offers an unparalleled opportunity to restore a landmark historic property and create commercial success from innovative ideas.  This unique physical place holds great meaning both for the community and for the nation as an economic anchor and a historic symbol of healthcare and medical breakthroughs.  Rich in both architectural detail and community promise, St Elizabeths East can be the place where business, academic enterprise, entrepreneurial ventures, and government connect; a place for innovation and security advances, including critical infrastructure, energy, and sustainable technologies and practices;  a place for the university world to foster research, shared knowledge, and technology transfer; a place to tap commercialization/innovation/education opportunities within the federal government; and a place that is a catalyst for economic growth and development and for shared prosperity in the District.

The Right Time.

  • St Elizabeths East is poised for development now.  Infrastructure improvements are underway now. An unfulfilled demand exists for a marketplace of ideas, innovation, and commercialization now. An opportunity exists to answer the great and growing demand for high-quality retail, and new housing and office space in the Congress Heights and Ward 8 neighborhoods now.

The Right Place.

  • Sitting on 183 acres, St. Elizabeths East is equidistant from downtown DC, and the Virginia and Maryland suburbs, with extraordinary access to Metro, a network of newly improved Interstate highways and regional airports.  Laying the groundwork for a 21st century landmark, Mayor Vincent C. Gray has further included $113.5 million in proposed infrastructure improvements beginning in the Fall of 2013 and continuing through 2017.

This is a rare opportunity to take an underutilized and incredibly valuable resource – an historically significant and stunningly beautiful campus –  and meet pent-up demands in both the community and the region.  The neighborhoods adjacent to the campus are poised for a boom in retail, housing, and office space.  And the entire world needs a place where education, technology, and commerce meet in the Nation’s Capital – a marketplace of ideas, innovation, and commercialization that can become a birthplace for new and profitable commerce, and a nationally recognized model for economic development and growth.