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As a result of a comprehensive planning effort, the District secured over $100 million in capital budget dollars for St. Elizabeths East through 2021.  The District has allocated the large majority of these funds to designing and building the public infrastructure improvements needed to support all planned future development at St. Elizabeths East, including roadways, water, gas, electric, telecommunications, streetscapes and street lighting, in addition to the demolition of certain non-contributing structures at the campus.

The District is working to complete for the first of two stages of infrastructure construction to occur within St. Elizabeths East.  The Saint Elizabeths East Campus Stage One Infrastructure and Utility Improvement project will:

  • Provide connectivity within the East Campus and between the campus and adjacent neighborhoods,
  • Upgrade and replace existing utility infrastructure to support the planned development, and
  • Provide multi-modal transportation options (public transit, bicycle and pedestrian) to support the redevelopment of the East Campus.

Stage One of the improvements will be sufficient to support the initial phases of development on the campus. As part of the Stage One infrastructure improvements, the District will be undertaking the demolition of certain non-contributing buildings on the campus.

Stage Two of the infrastructure improvements, sufficient to support 100% of the proposed development, will be procured when the remainder of the capital budget allotment becomes available.



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