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(2018) Careers In Construction Workshop

On February 20 & March 21, Smoot|Gilbane Sports JV and CHOICE (Community Hub for Opportunities In Construction Employment) are hosting a Careers in Construction Workshop  at the RISE Demonstration Center for Ward 8 residents to find out about apprenticeship opportunities. Construction of the Entertainment and Sports Arena in Congress Heights is underway and subcontractors are looking for skilled local residents to fill their workforce needs on this construction project and more. Hear from employers, apprenticeship directors and trade representatives as they talk about:

  • what it takes to become an apprentice
  • what the training is like
  • who offers training through apprenticeship
  • how to apply

Please see the flyers for more information: February WorkshopMarch Workshop

(2016) Infrastructure Subcontractor Opportunities

Gilbane construction is using an online forum to receive subcontractor bids. Please follow the instructions to submit bids and request the RFI online: Gilbane IbidPro Instructions