Rent Space

At R.I.S.E. Demonstration Center

In order to book space at Gateway DC, please click here

Please carefully read the directions below and select the appropriate link to start the rental booking process. The links to the rental system are below!

Directions for Rentals- 5 Step Process

Step 1

Welcome to St. Elizabeths East (Click HERE for Directions). Thank you for your interest in our facilities! Please review these directions before you start your reservation.

  • Review the booking calendar on Page 1 to make sure that the date and time you wish to request is open and available. Please note that the availability of each space is subject to change and that all rental requests are tentative until both parties have signed the rental agreement.
  • Please select the Date, the Time, and the Number of Expected Attendees on Page 1 as well as the spaces you are requesting to book. Then, click Search to find available spaces. Spaces may be booked between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. daily (Monday-Sunday).

Step 2

  • Please select the available space(s) by clicking the name of the space you are interested in renting. If you would like to book more than one space for the same event, please hold the “CTRL” button and select the spaces you would like.
  • Review the booking date to confirm your previous selection.

Step 3

  • Please tell us the name of your event and/or the description of the event in the title. For example: RISE Extravaganza: DC Technology Conference
  • If you would like to add more spaces to rent for your event, you have the opportunity to add spaces for the same time or a different time for you convenience.
  • Please review our User Manual for our rules and regulations for renting the space.
  • Please complete our questions acknowledging that you understand our rental requirements
  • Please print, sign, and submit your rental agreement.
    • To do this, open the Rental agreement by clicking on the link. Download a personal copy. Print the copy and fill out the required information, including the signature page and waiver. Create an electronic version of your personal rental agreement. Use the browse button next to “Document” to select your file for the rental request. Click “Add” to add the document to the rental request.

Step 4

Please select your payment method below and fill in all accompanying information. Credit cards are accepted. If paying by check, please make all checks payable to: D.C. Treasurer and mailed to:

Government of the District of Columbia

Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development

Attn: Gateway DC/RISE D.C. Operations Manager

1350 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Suite 317

Washington D.C. 20004

Step 5

Once you receive the signed rental agreement, you may begin to market your event. Please note, special requirements apply to “Special Events,” after hour events, and events serving alcohol. Bookings are not final until you receive a completed rental agreement.

Rental Links: Click Below to Rent Space
If you would like to view the description of the spaces an hourly rates, please click HERE

General Public: Please click this link if you represent a private entity. Book Space Here

Non-Profit, Government, Individual Small Event (Under 100 persons), Community Partner, Government (non-D.C.): Please click this link if you represent a non-profit organization Book Space Here (Non-profit).

D.C. Governmental Agency and Approved Program Partners: Please click this link if you represent a DC Government Agency or Office Book Space Here (D.C. Government).